Melania Mercilessly Mocked For Remarks She Just Made In Front Of Large Audience (VIDEO)


Melania Trump doesn’t appear to be acclimated to the duties of first lady of the United States almost a year into her husband’s presidency and it clearly shows by her often uncomfortable demeanor as well as her puzzling statement after she was just asked what her ideal Christmas would be. After being asked a question by a young boy in the audience, Melania’s response was quite odd for a first lady of the United States:

Question: If you could spend a holiday in the world, where would you go?

Melania: I would spend my holidays on deserted island, tropical island, with my family.

Hmm, maybe that’s not a bad idea for the Trumps and the entire country given the way Trump has handled the country since his ascent to the presidency. By saying she wants to go to a deserted island, Melania could be overwhelmed with the duties of first lady as well as be fed up with all of the controversy that continues to surround her husband including an investigation that’s gaining steam into whether he or members of his administration colluded with Russia to win the presidential election against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Twitter responded to Melania’s statement and it wasn’t pretty:

Looks like many people feel that way.

Possibly very miserable. She wants to go to a desert island.

If the Mueller investigation continues to gain traction, Melania and the family may be going on a vacation sooner than later and the destination for some may be a concrete prison.



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